Ei Solution Works

Ei Purpose Statement

To improve products, strengthen brands and create better lives by setting a new standard in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

Our Values

We are Solutioneers

Someone who is more interested in why something can work than why it can't.


We believe in possibility because we see solutions where other people do not.


There is a special word used to describe people who don't give up. Successful. Each and every failure is one more data point we can learn from, and brings us one step closer to a solution.


We do the right thing, always and without exception, because without this foundation, whatever success we might enjoy will be torn apart.


Imagination is the ability to see how things could be. It is the wellspring of all innovation. Only with powerful, focused imagination will our innovation be meaningful and our efforts reach their fullest potential.

Being Extraordinary

There are plenty of ordinary companies, filled with easy, ordinary jobs. Each of us has chosen to be something other than ordinary. We have chosen to do more, to be better and not use any one of a thousand perfectly ordinary excuses that will prevent us from being the best that we can be.


Every job at Ei involves leadership. Each of us must first find it within ourselves to transcend what we are comfortable with so that we can become the best that we can be. Every job at Ei involves leadership.