Ei Solution Works

In the relationship between doctor and patient there is a high level of trust and performance expected. The manufacture of the physician’s most powerful tools, pharmaceuticals, demands no less. In the development and manufacture of liquid and semi-solid topical pharmaceutical products we have the proven experience to provide you with the strong partnership you need to succeed.

We have a proven track record of innovation. Our formulation scientists can transform your compounds into formulation prototypes and use their expertise and scientific acumen to optimize the effectiveness and aesthetics of your products.

We can take your molecule or compound from post-discovery to commercial production and have extensive experience bringing new products to market. We can fill your product for Phase I, II and III clinical trials and scale up to full commercial manufacturing.

Throughout all of this there is no guesswork. You will know the status of your products in real-time. You will have constant access to real people who have the knowledge and responsibility to get things done.

Any one of the following benefits could move you to outsource your program to Ei:

To learn more about how we can help you take your ideas from compound to commercialization in the shortest possible time, contact Diana Ritch, Manager of New Customer Business at (704) 939-4329.